Taking a short break

11 Feb

Hi everyone,

as you may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. I am incredibly busy with work and dad stuff lately. A lot of it has to do with getting my taxes in order for 2010. I’ll probably be MIA for a while but when I come back I hope to have a new design for the site up and I may cut my posts down to twice a week, so I don’t fall behind again. Hope all is well and here is an awesome pic of Logan so you won’t feel so bad about my sabbatical.

logan in bruins hat

Busy Busy

25 Jan

Hi Everyone,

I have been way busy with work, so haven’t had a lot of time to write. I will at least keep everyone posted with my weight.  I weighed in at 229.8 lbs last night. WOO HOO! lost 1.4 lbs this week. That makes my weight loss total (since I gained after the holidays) 6.6 lbs. Hopefully being so busy doesn’t mess me up at all. I even went to the gym this morning.

Tough Week But Good Results

18 Jan

So last week there were a lot of things that interfered with my eating healthy. One of the major ones was a a huge snow storm that prevented me from getting any of the groceries I needed to eat healthy. Along with storm came an electrical outage, which is a big deal when you have an electric stove. So basically 3 days out of the week I just went off the rails and ate whatever was available. When I stepped on the scale this week I expected to be bummed, but I lost 1 lb! My current weight is now 231.2 lbs. I’m pretty pumped up and I’m definitely going to stick to my guns this week and maybe I’ll reach my 5% mini-goal. Wish me luck.

Logan’s First Post (aka Dad being lazy)

17 Jan

Logan Typing with Dad



Lights Out

13 Jan

Well I didn’t post last yesterday, because we had no electricity all day. Which also means we had no heat, so we had to pack Logan up and head to a place with heat. We ended up staying at Jeannie’s parents’ house and Logan still slept through the night in his pack and play. Woo Hoo!  I’m not going to say anymore about his sleeping habits, because I don’t want to jinx anything. When we came back to the house we found the heat to be broken and leaking oil. Now that we have a little one, everything is suddenly a bigger deal. For instance, if it were just Jeannie and myself, we would just throw some more blankets on until the electricity came back. Instead we had to pack Logan up and evacuate. Luckily, a technician came out pretty quickly to fix the heat after we got home. Now it’s all good.

Slowly Chipping Away

11 Jan

So I went to my meeting last night and just weighed in and left. My current weight is 232.2 lbs., so I lost .8 lbs. Not a huge amount to lose, but it’s better than gaining.

I didn’t stay for the rest of the meeting, because I wanted to hang out with Jeannie and Logan before he went to bed. I worked an extra day this week and I’m starting to realize how little time we get together. When Jeannie goes back to work it’ll be even less, and that sucks.

My Take On The Gym

10 Jan

So I signed up for the gym last January, because I was still running and it suddenly became icy all over the place. I haven’t been to the gym in months so I figure my 1 year membership must be up by now. So I called to confirm I wasn’t going to be charged anymore and they my membership auto-renewed and I have to give a written notice of cancellation 60 days before  I want to quit. WFT! I swear gyms are the biggest scam going. They totally know that people will sign up and and go for month, then stop. That’s why they have all these restrictions on canceling. So here’s my take on the gym: gyms are for suckers. If you have the space to get your own weight bench and treadmill/stationary bike , then you don’t need a gym. If you need a personal trainer to show how to exercise, then get the internet. Stupid gym grrrr.


7 Jan

So I didn’t post yesterday. I was trying to post M-F but it’s pretty tough to come up with content or just find the time. I may be trying to take too much on at once these days and my wife Jeannie isn’t even back to work yet. When she goes back I’m sure my blog post posts will be a lot less frequent. I’m kind of scared about that. Oh well we still have until February, but it is creeping up.

Gettin’ Nutty

5 Jan

mixed nutsOh man… late post today. Sorry it took me so long to keep you guys updated. I’ve been pretty busy with work. Which brings me to a snack I can only eat at work, because my wife is allergic. What I’m talking about is nuts ( as in almonds, cashews, etc.). I have a ton of separate baggies full of 1 serving size and the PointPlus (I guess I can’t say “Points” anymore) value written on the side. If I didn’t do that, I’d eat like 20 servings while I was sitting at my desk. Nuts are a lot of points…. errr uh a high PointsPlus value, so I gotta be careful there. It’s a good thing we don’t keep nuts in the house.

Back on Track (current weight)

4 Jan

So I went to Monday meeting as usual yesterday and I lost 3.4 lbs! So my current weight is 233 lbs. So looks like I’m on the road to losing again. My meeting was totally boring, though. They basically just went over the new plan again because there was so many new members who obviously made their New Year’s Resolution to  lose weight.